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Federal Benefits

US Consulate General, St. Petersburg is a non-claim taking post for Social Security matters. However we can help you transfer your claims to Warsaw Federal Benefits Unit on the following subjects:

  • Social Security Number application
  • Social Security Card replacement
  • Report status change
  • Retirement benefits claim
  • Spouse/Widow(er)’s benefits claim
  • Child benefits claim
  • Disability benefits claim
  • Medicare claim
  • Replacement of missing treasury checks
  • Reporting the death of a beneficiary

- For general information on the Affordable Care Act see:

- For general information on Social Security Retirement, Survivor, Disability and Medicare please see:

-  For information specific to Social Security Retirement please see :

- For information on Windfall Elimination Provisions please see:

- For information on earning Social Security quarters please see :

- For information on receiving Social Security payments outside the U.S.:

- For information on Lost Social Security Cards : Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number

- For information on how to get Social Security Numbers for Foreign Nationals: Social Security Numbers For Noncitizens 


General Inquires and Contact Information

Social Security Administration

Office of International Operations
P.O. Box 17758
Baltimore, MD 21235-7758
Telephone: 410-965-9398 (if claim had been filled)
Telephone: 410-597-1800 (if receiving benefits)
Fax: 410-597-1800

Federal Benefits Unit Warsaw

U.S. Embassy Warsaw
Federal Benefits Unit
Telephone: +48 22 504 2112

OPM/ Retirement Operations Center

Mail Management Center
P.O. Box 45
Boyers, PA 16017-0045
Telephone: 724-794-2005
Fax: 724-794-1112

 VA Regional Office-Foreign Claims

1000 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Fax: 412-395-6057

 Rail Road Retirement Board

844 N. Rush Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2092
Telephone: 312-751-4500
Fax: 312-751-7136


    • The CHASE debit card program will be
      discontinued effective 12/12/2014.  No
      payments will be credited to any CHASE card after this date. The cards will
      still be active and users will be able to withdraw or charge money until
      further notice.  Read more...>>